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Empowering connected
industrial workers.

Introducing a new wearable category -
the Industrial Head Mounted Tablet.

RealWear HMT-1

Hands-free, industrialhead-mounted tablet.

Fully rugged performance with unprecedented battery life for long shifts.

Worker-centric and safety first.

100% hands-free, noise-robust voice-visual interface with
breakthrough human factors design.

Attaches easily to existing hard hats.

Works with safety glasses and goggles.

Return on Investment in Aviation,
Energy, Water and Oil & Gas.

Our solutions streamline work, increase equipment uptime,
reduce reworkand remotely upskill workers.

Introducing the RealWear HMT-1™ A new kind of industrial wearable.

The RealWear Head-Mounted Tablet (HMT) is designed for skilled technicians and engineers in field service, equipment inspection, maintenance and complex manufacturing assembly.


854×480 pixels appears as the size of 7 inch tablet held at arms length and viewable in bright sunlight.

100% Hands-free

Local speech recognition in loud industrial areas – no buttons, swiping, or gestures.

All ears

Multiple digital microphones and advanced active noise cancellation.

Boom arm

Adjusts six ways to accommodates any head size or eye relief – flips display out of way when not in use.

Loud & clear

Integrated 91 dB speaker and 3.5 mm audio jack for use with hearing protection.


Clips on to hard hats. Works with safety glasses and goggles. Weighs 370 g.


16 MP, autofocus and image stabilized for hi-resolution photo capture and real-time video chat.


Wi-Fi + Bluetooth LE. Tether to LTE smart phones, portable hotspots, or plug-in USB dongles.


GPS, gyroscopes and digital compass for positioning – detects Bluetooth beacons.


IP66 – dust proof & waterproof – 2 meter drop test onto concrete – MIL-SPEC 810G.

Intrinsincally Safe Model

HMT-1-Z1 model is for potentially explosive environments in oil & gas, etc. FMC1/D1 – ATEX Zone 1. Available in 2018.

Works long shifts

Rechargeable, swappable full shift battery.


Self-contained Android 6.0 Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 platform with 2 GB RAM/16 GB Flash.

"The first real world product bridging the gap of true mobility
and human factors."

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Solutions for the HMT-1

  • Realwear HMT-1 Remote Mentor

    Remote Mentor

    The need for skilled labor in heavy industry has never been more acute. Experienced technicians with decades of institutional knowledge are reaching retirement age and in many industries there is a shortage of younger employees. Recruitment has lagged demand for many years.


    For example in aviation, Boeing Flight Services projects that 679,000 new commercial airline maintenance technicians will be needed over the next 20 years.

    Oil & Gas

    In the oil and gas and mining industries, the Great Crew Change has been extensively reported on with two retirees for every one new employee entering the workforce. Even as the recent drop in oil price caused industry downsizing, it has been the experienced older worker that took early retirement, exacerbating the skills gap as the industry now tries to upsize again with recovering oil prices. The American Petroleum Institute estimates a hiring need of 30,000 workers annually over the next 20 years in the US.

    Many Industries

    This situation is repeated in many other industries. Less experienced employees take longer to complete routine tasks, are less able to troubleshoot complex issues on their own and spend far more time searching for documentation and procedures. Their relative lack of experience makes them more apprehensive in potentially hazardous situations and increases stress levels.

    Remote Mentor solutions based on the RealWear HMT-1 and companion software from our partners address these issues. The field worker uses the HMT-1 and can call up a remote mentor – an experienced master technician or engineer located in an office. Over Wi-Fi or via tethered 3G/4G links, live video – up to full HD – from the advanced camera on the HMT-1 is streamed to the remote expert’s desktop computer. An audio channel is also open enabling two way communication, with the field worker clearly hearing directions from the remote expert. A Remote Mentor can trigger the capture of a sharp 16 megapixel image and zoom in to examine details or read a part number or barcode.

    Further the expert can annotate or telestrate the still or video image with a pen tablet, and push this back to the HMT-1’s heads-up micro-display clearly pointing out a part to remove, valve to adjust or cable to replace. From a library of content available to the mentor, a diagram, photo or video procedure can also be pushed into the field worker’s view.

    All the while the hands-free interface allows the field worker to remain on task and maintain safety.

    Benefits Snapshot

    • Increases customer responsiveness and equipment uptime by utilizing the available field force
    • Saves travel time and cost to move scarce experts to the job site
    • Maximizes productivity for the expert
    • Reduces errors and need for repeat visits
    • Upskills less experienced workers with just-in-time on-the-job mentoring
    • Improves the confidence of field workers, lowering stress levels and increasing safety

    RealWear HMT-1 Optimizations

    • Totally hands-free – no need to put down tools and pick up a tablet
    • Advanced camera with 4 axis optical image stabilization, phase detect autofocus and low light performance for sharp 16 megapixel images and up to HD video
    • Telephoto lens accessory for a closer view of arm’s length work
    • Unprecedented battery life for up to six hours of SD video streaming upload over Wi-Fi on a single charge
    • Hardware support for advanced H.265 video encoding lowers the wireless bandwidth needed for high quality video
    • 854×480 resolution display sufficient to view detailed technical documentation
    • 91dB near ear speaker to clearly hear the remote expert in loud environments, and 3.5mm jack for use with hearing protection solutions
    • Advanced noise cancellation and multiple microphones to clearly hear the field worker in loud environments
    • Waterproof to IP-67 – use in inclement conditions / harsh environments
    • Third party apps from leading providers
  • Realwear HMT-1 Document Navigator

    Document Navigator

    Skilled technicians and engineers in field service, equipment inspection, maintenance and complex manufacturing assembly frequently consult technical documents and manuals. These often large documents show installation instructions, wiring diagrams, construction drawings, exploded assembly diagrams, safety procedures, cutaway drawings, graphs, tables and descriptive text. Most of the world's technical documentation exists today in PDF and represents an enormous investment in information.

    Some industrial companies have moved from large paper binders issued to field employees to providing documentation in electronic format on laptops or tablets to their field workers, stored locally or in a cloud. Documents become searchable and total weight is reduced, but the following challenges remain:

    Challenges of field electronic documentation

    • Devices unreliable in harsh field conditions
    • Screen can't be read outdoors
    • Need to put down tools or remove gloves to operate device
    • Power save mode constantly blanks the screen, interrupting work
    • Not easy to zoom into a diagram to view details
    • May be dependent on poor network connections

    Document Navigator from RealWear

    A hands-free solution to address these challenges using the HMT-1 Head Mounted Tablet

    Local access, cloud-synced

    PDF documents are stored locally in the HMT-1 on a microSD card with up to 256 GB capacity and can be synced from the cloud whenever a Wi-Fi connection is available.

    Hands-free voice navigation

    Using a voice driven interface, users find their documents from a list, by searching for title keyword or from their recently viewed documents. Specific sections may be found with pre-configured bookmarks or keyword search and a page is turned by saying "next page" with a simple voice command.

    Hands-free page display, zoom and pan

    Pages are displayed in the 854×480 resolution micro-display – that appears like a 7" tablet at arm's length, enough to clearly read text. Using a voice command such as "Zoom level 3" the page is instantly magnified and the user can pan the page using head movements. This patented user interface gives the effect of seeing through a window onto a larger document space behind. Five zoom levels are available. When the desired part of the page is in view, saying "Document Freeze" will lock the view in place.

    Extraction of tables and diagrams

    Frequently accessed tables and diagrams in a PDF document may be bookmarked for quick direct voice access in full screen view.

  • Realwear HMT-1 Work Instructions

    Work Instructions

    Work Instructions are checklists or procedures, created during system design, to support the system's entire life cycle: assembly, test, inspection, operation, maintenance, repair and emergency operations. They can range in complexity from a simple checklist for a ball valve to a nuclear reactor plant manual, and they are used by such key personnel as assembly mechanics, technicians in field maintenance or field service, inspection engineers and electricians.

    Work instructions are moving from paper manuals to digital formats, and efforts have been made to move them to PCs and tablets in order to streamline updates and improve worker productivity. But these implementations have often fallen short.

    Digital Work Instructions: Challenges

    • Operating PCs and tablets requires removing gloves and occupies the hands, slowing the actual manual work
    • Consumer devices are unreliable in harsh field conditions
    • Screens can't be read outdoors
    • Proximity of work instructions view to the work itself

    Work Instructions with a Head-Mounted Tablet

    An industrial head mounted tablet addresses all these challenges. Driven by noise-robust voice recognition, it is 100% hands free. The worker can select the required instructions, navigate through them step by step with voice commands, and view text and images, video clips, diagrams, animations and 3D models. With a boom arm mounted display, the job and the instructions are in the same field of view at all times.

    RealWear HMT-1 Solution

    • 100% hands-free operation eliminates delays in consulting a conventional tablet
    • Studies show
      • ~12% assembly time reduction for tablets using model based instructions plus additional ~15% reduction for head mounted tablets
      • Up to 88% reduction in assembly errors
    • Experts can create new still work instructions using image stabilized camera and noise-cancelled voice capture capabilities
    • Screen visible in bright sunlight
    • 12+ hour battery life for full shift operation
    • Fully rugged device designed for heavy industrial environments
    • 854×480 display enables re-use of existing digital work instruction content
    • Smooth migration to augmented reality cues and callouts
  • Realwear HMT-1 IIoT Data Visualization

    IIoT Data Visualization

    The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), also known as Industry 4.0, is a response to two core challenges: equipment downtime and industrial worker productivity. IIoT represents operational plant control technology securely networked together with information technology, sensors and machines to aggregate real time and time-series data. Big data analytics can provide actionable insights that improve manufacturing and process efficiency and predict high risk of downtime before it occurs, enabling preventative maintenance.

    Cisco estimates that the impact of IIoT due to improved employee productivity alone is $ 2.5 trillion (NPV of net profit impact) worldwide over the period 2013 to 2022. Much of this is based on the vision of industrial workers using mobile devices to access data and analytics out in the plant or in the field, right where their work is to be done, rather than back in the central control room. However in order to realize this potential several challenges must be overcome.

    IIOT Data Visualization Challenges

    • Industrial workers often need to see IIoT data when they are operating, inspecting or maintaining equipment, and their hands are occupied. Smart phones and tablets require the use of both hands
    • Existing smart glasses have a limited display resolution, so cannot display much information at once
    • IIoT data for complex plant or equipment is often stored hierarchically, as there may be thousands of individual data streams available. Navigating such data can be unwieldy on mobile devices.
    • Oil and gas, chemical and mining industries require intrinsically safe devices certified to be incapable of causing sparks or fires

    RealWear HMT-1 Solutions

    • Larger, 854×480 display resolution permits multiple readings or graphs to be displayed simultaneously, in numeric or graphical form
    • Dashboards that represent a personal control room can be built within industrial IoT frameworks or Android apps, or even more simply with HTML-5
    • Hands-free, voice driven user interface suitable for noisy environments, lets workers drill down through the information hierarchy with ease and enhanced safety, even if they are operating or manipulating tools or equipment
    • Intrinsically Safe model (FM C1/D1 / ATEX Zone 1) available for those industries that require it
    • Screen visible in bright sunlight
    • 12+ hour battery life for full shift operation
    • Fully rugged device designed for heavy industrial environments
  • Realwear HMT-1 Mobile Forms

    Mobile Forms

    Business processes in field work are driven by a multitude of forms, filled out by field workers before, during and after a job. These include inspection and condition reports, maintenance and overhaul records, job safety and hazard analysis checklists, field tickets, photo reports, service orders, meter readings and many more.

    Eliminating paper is the first step, and mobile forms applications have been deployed on smart phones and tablets. These allow photo capture as part of the form. However these devices require the use of clean hands and cannot be operated while using tools, wearing gloves or manipulating equipment.

    Mobile Forms Challenges

    • Devices unreliable in harsh field conditions
    • Screen can't be read outdoors
    • Need to put down tools or remove gloves to operate device, going backwards and forwards between the equipment and the device
    • Power save mode constantly blanks the screen, interrupting work

    Mobile Forms with a Head Mounted Tablet

    Mobile forms applications written in Android can be readily used on the RealWear HMT-1. In many cases an existing forms application that works in landscape format with a simple user interface can be used without change, including photo capture features. Such applications are automatically voice enabled by RealWear's WearHF user interface, and will benefit from advanced noise cancellation, voice recognition and image stabilized photo capture.

    In some cases, mobile forms applications can benefit from light modification by the developer to optimize a user interface for the head mounted tablet. This does not require new APIs; the developer follows a basic style guide for the user interface optimization and continues to use standard Android tools and components. This allows the developer to enhance the responsiveness of their application and even gain access to voice authenticated, two-factor single sign on (SSO) instead of more cumbersome UserID and password login.

    RealWear is working with several leading application providers offering mature mobile forms solutions for industrial users on Android devices.

    RealWear HMT-1 Solution

    • Hands-free operation streamlines workflow for form completion while doing the job, reducing time taken
    • High quality image capture with 16 MP image stabilized camera
    • Advanced noise cancellation and speech recognition for data entry in noisy environments
    • Quicker, voice authenticated, single sign on
    • Screen visible in bright sunlight
    • 12+ hour battery life
    • Fully rugged device