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Remote Support, Visual Assist, Remote Mentor,  Remote Assistance…

… are different terms, all of which give priority to remote assistance in maintenance activities such as repairs, maintenance and service operations. The basis here is the video call between the Head Mounted Tablet and desktop PC, smartphone or other tablet.

This means, for example, that a service technician on site with the HMT-1 and a corresponding software (see partner) makes a video call with an expert.

Unlike the smartphone, the focus is not on the person himself, but on the point of view of the service technician. The expert – wherever he may be – sees exactly what the technician sees on site.

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Ways to support remotely:

  • Audiovisual: seeing, talking and working at the same time – the hands are free during the video call
  • Draw in markers or write keywords in the current video image.
  • The expert can take screenshots, draw in this additional information and send back to the HMT-1 – especially useful if the internet connection is poor
  • Provide information via screen sharing of the expert to the HMT-1 without being forced to download files
  • Send files directly to the HMT-1 of the service technician during the video call
  • Chats with integrated translation function
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  • Minimizing downtimes: no matter if machines, employees or entire plants – downtime can quickly become expensive for all concerned.
  • Reduction of traveling in connection with travel costs: less travel expenses means less costs – regardless of who has to carry them. That could be the complete avoidance of one trip or the reduction of persons who have to travel.
    And yes, the matter of sustainability also resonates here: with the reduction in travel and the number of people traveling, we also make a small contribution to reducing CO2 emissions worldwide with the HMT-1.
  • Quicker solution finding: together you know more, you see more and you can solve problems faster. In addition, the service technician – or whoever – is not alone and can count on additional expert support from around the world at any time.
  • Reduction of education and training times: with appropriate technology and thus mobile know-how, apprentices can be “sent out” faster or new employees take on responsibility earlier.
  • Preservation of expert knowledge in the company: with the help of the HMT-1 and the recording function of the video camera, not only a simple process such as a repair can be documented. Even more complex work processes or very specific techniques can be recorded in the simplest way from the point of view of the worker/expert and are not lost if the employee retires or changes the company.

How Remote Support works in practice, using the example of Palfinger:

Professional software providers offer different solutions here. Please have a look at Partners: you will find companies with which we already work together successfully in this area.

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