Software Partner

The RealWear Head Mounted Tablet offers all the settings and uses like a full-fledged Android tablet. We see the HMT-1 as a hardware platform, supplemented with basic functionalities such as reading PDFs, JPGs or playing videos. If you need additional software, you can of course install well-known Android applications. This means that all common apps - actually APK files - can be installed on the HMT-1 locally or with the help of a mobile device management software. Of course, you can also use standard Android applications.

Since data protection and protection against industrial espionage are everyday topics, especially in the industrial sector, the majority of our customers rely on professional software providers for the industry. Here are listed solution partners offering all ready-made out-of-the-box solutions for the HMT-1.

Research Partner

We are very pleased that the HMT-1 is not only in demand in practice, but also finds more and more space in the scientific debate.

Whether in the field of workplace design, research on increasing efficiency or in general evaluation of various new applications, the HMT-1 also tries to show its strengths.

At pilot factories, smart factories or even production labs, the RealWear Head Mounted Tablet undergoes all kinds of stress tests. Here you will find a first list in which semi-public areas such as universities or universities of applied sciences you are able to experience the HMT-1 in action.

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