Logistics and Retail

HMT-1 in Logistics and Retail

hmt-1 wearable scanner

Smart glasses are able to assist with picking or reordering in logistics and retail and they also can act as a smart “data hub”

As the hands are the most important tool for the movement of goods, especially in picking or stock management in retail, #handsfree is particularly interesting for these areas. The camera of the RealWear Head Mounted Tablet can also be used for out-of-stock management.

If the HMT-1 is also used for scanning barcodes or QR codes, adapting to the new aiming process might take some time – instead of using both your eyes and hands to scan, with the HMT-1 you aim only with your head (and dominant eye).

Wearable Scanner

In the case of heavy-duty scanning, farther away or relatively small codes, we recommend an additional “wearable scanner”. These can be easily connected via Bluetooth to the Head Mounted Tablet and are much more powerful in scanning than the camera of the HMT-1. A cabling connection is not required as the scanners are all equipped with long-lasting rechargeable batteries.

Barcotec currently has four different wearable scanners in its portfolio:

  • Denso SF1
  • ProGlove Basic and Mark 2
  • Feig Panmobil HyWear

wearable scanner barcotec

You find all the information about these wearable scanners: https://www.barcotec.at/de/produkte/wearable-scanner


  • Hands free for the movement of goods
  • Voice-controlled interaction possibility without learning exercises “out of the box”
  • Live data of the scanned goods and items
  • Simplest integration (Android-App’s running on the HMT-1)

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