Industrial Internet of Things – Connected Worker

HMT-1 Industrie 4.0
Screenshot IIoT application HMT-1

The HMT-1 as your central interface for collecting information and its processing: integrated Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and an integrated barcode scanner and high-def camera provide sufficient networking opportunities at the relevant location.

The HMT-1, with its industrial capability and integrated interfaces, shows its strengths, especially in maintenance, when it comes to gathering and processing of machine data, processing and returning it to your backend systems.

Of course, QR codes, Bluetooth-Beacons or thingmarks can also be used to link into your applications or Industrial IoT platforms.

Augmented Reality

© Manitoba Hydro VisualSpection
© Manitoba Hydro VisualSpection

Augmented reality applications are also fully supported and can be operated on the HMT-1. GPS, a digital and magnetic compass and gyroscope are integrated for location, head-tracking and augmented overlays.

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