Thermal Camera

RealWear Navigator 500 Thermal-Kamera

Making the invisible visible

The thermal camera module makes faults visible that are not visible to the naked eye. Electrical installations, motors or building facades – temperature deviations reveal problems before they become acute.

Thanks to the modular design, the camera is mounted on the RealWear Navigator 500 with just one click. A simple voice command is all that is needed to switch from thermal to normal view. This allows the two modes to be used seamlessly, ideal for inspection and documentation. The latest hardware and software from FLIR, the world’s leading manufacturer of infrared products, is used.

The recorded temperature range of -20 to 400 °C enables a wide variety of applications. The key data of the visual camera correspond to the standard version: 48 MP sensor, 12 MP still images and full HD video with up to 60 fps.


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Technical Specification

  • Thermal Sensor: FLIR Lepton® 3.5
  • Thermal Resolution: 160 x 120
  • Effective Frame Rate: 8.7Hz
  • FOV: 57º (H), nominal, 71º (D), nominal
  • Object Temperature Range: -20 to 400º C
  • Thermal Sensitivity (NETD): <50mK
  • Spectral Range: 8 to 14μm
  • Accuracy: High Gain Mode: Greater of +/- 5° C or 5% (typical), Low Gain Mode: Greater of +/- 10° C or 10% (typical)

Visual Camera

  • Sensor: 48MP Sensor
  • Still Image: Up to 12MP
  • Video: Up to 1080p, 60fps