The Head Mounted Tablet for handicaped and disabled persons

Hands free“ has been the focus for over 3 years now. The HMT simplifies processes, making them faster, more efficient and safer. Especially in field service, in production and generally in maintenance the RealWear Head Mounted Tablet offers already excellent services.

But what does the reality look like if you are not able to use your hands at all?

How the HMT can help here has been on our mind for some time and has picked up momentum again as our BDM Robert Duchac broke his ankle in the mountains of Austria and had to rely on crutches for 5 weeks.

Barcotec RD handsfree

For visually impaired or blind people, there are already various software solutions that were originally designed for the smartphone. A first-time provider is SeeingwithSound. Microsoft now also offers a solution here with Soundscape. We Barcotec are currently also in discussions with Dreamwaves – an Austrian software provider – on how to provide assistance in particular with smart glasses in daily life.

For deaf employees, our partner CIM has also developed a software solution for order picking.

Now our call, our request: do you also know solutions that can support disabled or handicapped persons and would make sense especially with the RealWear Head Mounted Tablet?

In any case, we would be happy to receive tips from all possible areas. For those who help, there is a small thank you.

So we want to give a new meaning to RealWear’s – Real Problems, Real Solutions – and also do our part here for society.

Thank you!


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