HMT-1 Release 10.2

HMT-1 Release includes:

  • Noise Capture Mode / Action Button Control
  • New ABC mode for the voice keyboard
  • HMT-1 application (APK) updates
  • Language updates
  • Configuration updates
  • Android Security Bulletins Updates January, February and March 2019
  • Release 10 software and firmware bug fixes

Noise Capture Mode

hmt action button

Under “My Controls” you will find this new feature:

By activating “Noise Capture”, the HMT stops its clever noise cancelling function and allows live transmission and recording of all surrounding and environmental “noise”. With this new feature, machine noise and similar noise nearby – including, of course, voices from people – can be recorded and transmitted unfiltered .

Now another important function is now available for faster analysis and damage repair.

You can also test this with the installed “My Camera” application when recording a video. Start video and press “Action Button” – this is the oval button on the side of the HMT-1.


ABC Mode

This new feature is automatically switched on, as soon as the voice keyboard is activated:


You are of course still able to switch to other input options. If you choose “More Options” you will still find “Dictation”.

If you choose “Letters, you can see the “ABC Mode:


In case of questions, we are happy to answer them!

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