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Iris Industry Solutions, is a Belgian multi-service expert offering facility- and industrial solutions to the European industry. One of their main businesses is the inspection (and treatment) of pylons. In times of COVID-19, everyone is looking for ways to make their work safe and efficient. After all, working at a distance of 1.5 m with mouth masks is quite a challenge today within the construction sector.

That’s why Iris Industry Solutions and industrial solution provider Viu More especially developed WeInspect Remote.

WeInspect Remote is designed to offer the same level of technical expertise and insight in a safe, flexible and efficient way. With the ability to stream data with cameras and mobile technology, real-time collaboration is possible – where and when you need it.

How does it work?

The inspector does not physically attend the inspection but is in contact via an internet connection with a remote inspector who inspects the desired assets and surfaces using a RealWear Head Mounted Tablet “HMT-1” and the software platform developed by Viu More. He witnesses live and transparent, hands-free inspections with voice communication while minimizing travel costs and ensuring personal safety. The voice communication allows him to communicate directly with the Iris inspector and provide him with the necessary guidelines to ensure that he is witnessing what he wants to see in complete transparency. A true COVID-19 proof solution. This is a proven technology that has been used for several years by service technicians and in the off-shore business.

When can you use it?

The quality of the existing or new coating can be evaluated, but it is also possible to list assets using photos in WeInspect Remote. All possible measurement results can be read live and attended remotely. The results and photos are immediately converted into an inspection report and are immediately available after completion of the inspection. All data is auditable.



What are the advantages?

  • COVID-19 free: The customer follows the inspections remotely, in other words, no physical presence is required! The safety of employees is guaranteed at all times.
  • Security: the application is also completely hands-free
  • Online real-time reporting: real-time access to the report, without additional administrative “burden” (online portal).
  • Personalized inspection reports: the direct feedback and interaction ensures uniform, accurate and unambiguously structured inspection reports that can be modulated according to the customer’s needs.
  • Accurate reporting: detailed measurements (destructive & non-destructive) without limitations with 100% accurate location information using altimeter/GPS.
  • Transparency: total transparency guaranteed by live reporting of measurement results. Virtual elements can be added ‘live’ on screen during inspection.
  • Efficiency increase: travel time is minimized and the recorded inspection can be viewed at a later time.
  • Decision making: the data is available per structure, line or project and can be analyzed in detail to make better decisions as owner of your assets.

The slogan of Iris Industry Solutions “Bringing betterness to people’s premises” is all about providing the best customer service! With WeInspect Remote you can better as ever map the status of your assets to plan your maintenance in a structured and cost efficient way.

About Viu More

Viu More designs and build industrial solutions and products that empower your workforce and machines to instantly take the right decision with the best possible outcome. The core competences are Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Augmented Reality and Industrial IOT. Viu More has a people-centric approach and works for industrial enterprises around the globe.

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