Digital Work Instructions – new parametric workflow/checklist tool from OverIT

Comprehensive Instruction-tool from OverIT

OverIT is a multinational company with more than 20 years of international and cross-industry experience in Field Service Management. Recognized as “Leader” and “Visionary” FSM and AR/MR/VR vendor by the major IT consulting firms, OverIT serves the Energy & Utility, Oil & Gas, Industrial Manufacturing, Telco and Transportation industries by providing them with process knowledge, innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies with the aim of transforming their operations and businesses.


SPACE1 Augmented Collaboration is the all-in-one solution leveraging Augmented, Mixed and Virtual Reality combined with Artificial Intelligence, aimed at supporting technicians during the on-field execution, by broadening their capabilities and helping them to complete their activities in a more efficient, effective, and safe way, even off-line.

The three main application areas of SPACE1 Augmented Collaboration are:

  • Maintenance: supporting frontline-workers in their daily tasks, thanks to interactive step-by-step Work Instructions, Collaboration and Knowledge Management solutions in order to enhance quality, efficiency and safety standards, while sharing the company know-how.
  • Training: Introducing a whole new perspective in training activities, both in person and remotely, with innovative, safe and cooperative collaboration features, virtual training sessions and photorealistic 3D graphic reproductions of environments.
  • Presentation: expanding the concept of collaboration, allowing organizations to engage with clients remotely and share any content and information in real time, to deliver engaging presentations from early stages.

Key Features

  • Fully Parametric
  • Cross-Platform and Multi-Device
  • Online & Offline Operativity
  • Smooth Integration with any enterprise systems
  • Multi-Language

Digital Work Instructions

SPACE1 provides companies with a fully parametric workflow/checklist creation tool, aimed at supporting technicians in their daily tasks through interactive step-by-step work instructions.

Over IT Space 1 Bild 3

Manager can configure:

  1. General Info: edit the general information about the operation (e.g. title, description)
  2. Buttons: Configure button types (e.g. back, next, confirm, go-to)
  3. Attachments & Object 3D: Add attachments like images, videos, documents and 3D objects.
  4. Additional Fields: Add fields in the operation that can be filled by the field user (e.g. numbers, text, images, videos)

SPACE1 also allows to easily import any Digital Work Instructions from an Excel file.

Upon completing the configuration, managers can:

  • associate workflows to specific Work/Service Orders
  • track the status of the activities
  • consult the execution reports

OverIT Space 1


In addition to manual configuration, the back-end section of SPACE1 also allows data sourcing from other applications. SPACE1 smoothly integrates with customer existing systems (e.g. as ERPs, CRMs, FSM and EAMs, MES, GIS, IoT) through a dedicated layer, known as Integration Layer Multichannel.

Work Orders Management

SPACE1 provides a dedicated work orders management section to create, dispatch and monitor the work orders.

Manager can track the progress of the activities and consult the execution reports.

Knowledge management powered by AI

By leveraging the integration with Artificial Intelligence, users are equipped with all the necessary tools to “capture” their expertise, which are then processed and enhanced by powerful AI algorithms and distributed within the organization to create a shared and reusable knowledge base.



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