HMT Firmware-Update 12.1

Native HTML Support & New Security-Updates 

Release Highlights:

  • Native HTML Support – Developers now have the ability to speech optimize web applications for WearHF.
  • Security – Android security patches from February 1 – April 30, 2021 have been integrated into the RealWear device firmware.
  • Bug Fixes – As with any release, bug fixes and minor enhancements are incorporated.

Native HTML Support:

As a HTML developer you can now use the native WearML API in order to optimize your Website or Web Application.

This new feature now gives the ability to add WearML descriptors to HTML code. Traditionally optimizing HTML for the HMT had involved using a JavaScript library or plugin’s for Cordova/similar frameworks, by injecting JavaScript into a WebView. HTML Developers can use the HTML attributes placeholder and title for input HTML tags to create voice commands and/or WearML descriptors.

Android Security Patches

from February 1 – April 30, 2021

How to update your HMT:

The Firmware-Upgrade is available as a download via > My Programs and > Wireless Update. Please make sure that you have sufficient battery power, the current date and an active internet connection. Version size is 90,05 MB.

The detailed release notes of RealWear can be found here:


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