What does “Head Mounted” really mean?

Wearables should of course be “worn”. For us, that literally means “head mounted” and because not only head shapes – like hairstyles – are very different, like the ways you will use the HMT. So it is important to allow many options to wear and use the HMT.

Currently, there are four ways to wear the HMT-1 on the head:

  • the standard version with the single head strap
  • the tri-band head strap with an additional fixation of the rear part of the HMT-1
  • the tri-band head strap with a baseball cap or bump cap (a cap with a hard shell insert)
  • Hard hat clips that firmly anchor in both the HMT-1 and the safety helmet


We are constantly working on even more options of “Head Mounted”.

Browse accessories to find the parts in our video and much more!

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