Update RealWear Explorer

RealWear Explorer 4.0

The uprade of the HMTs to Android 8.1 is very close and so there is already a new version of the RealWear Explorer available:

screenshot realwear explorer

Anyone who has the RealWear Cast APK installed will also be asked to update via RealWear Explorer.

New Features:

  • Faster wired or wireless RealWear Cast screen mirroring
  • Wireless control of and installation of apps
  • Full screen option in RealWear Cast screen mirroring presentation mode

For Developers:

Developers can also use RealWear Explorer to access Logcat, Android Debug Bridge (ADB), a WearML Editor, and XY COORD to overlay the coordinates of each mouse click.

In case of questions we are happy to assist. Please use the contact botton on the top right.

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