New Software-Feature from Icona: Augmented Reality with HMT-1

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Partner Icona, Software Acty

Acty is the software that allows you to solve problems remotely, providing video assistance through the use of innovative technologies like augmented reality and automatic translations.
Acty’s goal is to be an efficient support for all companies that daily have to deal with assistance on large machinery in places far from their headquarters.

The remote expert can see the issue of a machine in real-time and help the on-field technician solve the problem by giving live instructions and sharing information or documentation.
Thanks to the combination of Acty and RealWear, the technician can be guided remotely while directly operating on a machine with their hands-free and with the indications overlapping or “augmenting” the reality.

Highlight: Augmented Reality with the HMT-1

Drawing and annotating in Augmented Reality exponentially increases comprehension; the support is carried out in real-time and instructions will lock onto the framed machine and remain fixed in space on the piece or part you with to indicate.

Thanks to the AR features on the platform, the remote expert can annotate the video or image in different ways or indicate the exact location where the field technician needs to intervene. The indications provided by the remote expert are visualized in real-time by the technician on site.

  • AR mode: allows you to draw, add arrows, symbols, text, sequences, etc. to the reality seen through the HMT-1
  • Freeze mode: Creates a freezed frame on the live video for you to do the drawing and give precise indications
  • Live pointer: allows the expert to activate and move a live pointer on reality for quick and easy directions


A translation built into the tools your team uses

Connecting with a customer or colleague from abroad has never been easier. In addition to the audio-video connection, Acty has a built-in chat with instant translation for over 60 languages.
Once you set your own and the customer’s language, text and voice messages are automatically translated, breaking down language barriers and simplifying interaction during service activities.

Get enterprise level efficiency

Integrate Acty with your company’s systems. For all businesses that need to transfer the data obtained in every single assistance with the files associated to the assistance (photos and videos), a connector is available to integrate Acty with the enterprise software systems. The connector is available for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Deskoala and, through Zapier or APIs, for all other CRM, ERP or Ticketing systems.

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