New software feature by Bitnamic: The synchronously operable 3D/CAD viewer


Partner Bitnamic GmbH, remote service solution bitnamic CONNECT

Bitnamic stands for innovation through modern technologies. The goal of the Osnabrück-based company is to adapt classic service processes to the Industry 4.0 era. To this end, bitnamic CONNECT, the app for mobile collaboration, was developed.

bitnamic CONNECT comprises all smart service solutions needed to efficiently meet daily challenges in maintenance and service worldwide. The main component is Remote Maintenance, a software solution developed specifically for the industry that allows on-site employees and helpdesk experts from all over the world to connect in an interactive video conference.

This reduces downtime, saves travel costs and strengthens customer loyalty – especially in combination with smart glasses like RealWear HMT-1.

Highlight: The synchronously operable 3D/CAD viewer

There is an extremely complex problem, the solution of which requires insight into the inside of the machine? The bitnamic CONNECT CAD viewer visualizes 3D models down to the last screw and can be easily called up on RealWear HMT-1.


What sets the bitnamic CONNECT 3D/CAD viewer apart from other programs – in addition to a variety of useful features such as the adjustable exploded view – is the ability to view models synchronously and interactively.

Both the employee on site and the remote expert can access the 3D model, with changes made being displayed synchronously. Especially in the case of maintenance, this feature is extremely useful and ensures faster troubleshooting.

Remote Maintenance: More traceability, faster troubleshooting

What’s better than a video call? A video call equipped with a variety of helpful features. These are best shown with the help of a practical example:

A customer reports a malfunction on a machine. Telephone communication between the on-site technician and the external helpdesk is not sufficient to resolve the problem. The solution: Remote Maintenance on RealWear HMT-1.

Via Remote Maintenance, technician and expert are connected in an interactive video conference – the expert sees the same as the employee at the machine. The live video transmission forms the basis, the expert gets an initial overview. With the help of the additional functions offered by Remote Maintenance, he guides the service technician step by step through the troubleshooting process.

The expert can use the laser pointer to point to specific elements in the room, such as relevant components. The technician does not have to rely on verbal descriptions, but can find the object he is looking for at a glance.


Remote Maintenance also features an interactive whiteboard that can be used to take screenshots and make annotations. The HMT-1 user can follow the annotations live via the 2D assist screen located in the peripheral field of view. The same applies to videos, documents, application windows, etc., which are received via screen sharing.

Sometimes a pair of hands is not enough to get a system up and running again. In such situations, the multisession feature comes in handy: Now multiple smart glasses can be connected to each other.

All Remote Maintenance sessions are stored in the service case history to learn from past sessions. Based on this, step-by-step instructions can be created and accessed on the smart glasses. Standard processes can be easily handled in this way without the need for an expert.

Always and everywhere available – bitnamic CONNECT as a piece of the puzzle in your service landscape

As it turns out, bitnamic CONNECT and RealWear HMT-1 smart glasses can solve many problems without requiring an external expert to travel to the site. To ensure that all features can be used anytime and anywhere, bitnamic CONNECT has an anchored mobile network optimization. Even with low bandwidth or poor connection quality, a video image can be provided.

Software by Bitnamic as a fitting piece of the puzzle in your service landscape – that was the vision in the development of bitnamic CONNECT. Experience the advantages of bitnamic CONNECT live in a nonbinding demo appointment.

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