New RealWear Explorer Version 4.1 available

The RealWear Explorer is a desktop application for Windows and iOS and mirrors the display of the HMT-1 and the HMT-1Z1. Thus, the keyboard and the mouse can be used for input and navigation and Android applications can be installed via drag & drop.

New features in version 4.1 include:

  • A new “Recent Apps” button has been added that will show all open applications and files as with the “Recent Applications” voice command.
  • The RealWear Cast window now closes automatically after a successful connection, and if you do not want to install RealWear Cast, you will not be asked to do so every time.

Download RealWear Explorer 4.1:

Official Release Notes from RealWear:

  • Recent Applications
    Added a new “Recent Applications” button that opens the recent applications menu on the HMT.
  • Updated ADB
    Updated the version of ADB that ships with RealWear Explorer to 1.0.41.
  • Support for Release 10.5.0
    Added updated key support for the new 10.5.0 release of WearHF on HMT.
  • Hide RealWear Cast window
    After connecting to RealWear Cast, the Cast window is now automatically closed so the previous activity can be resumed.
  • Disable RealWear Cast install requests
    Added a new setting that stops RealWear Explorer from prompting to install RealWear Cast on every connection.
  • Logging
    Added more verbose logging to assist with support.
  • Icon update
    Updated the icon for RealWear Cast to make it easier to identify.


  • Fixed an issue where the connection to the HMT would fail if the path to RealWear Explorer contains a space (Mac)
  • Fixed an issue with system warnings preventing user from opening the app (Mac running 10.15.1 Catalina)

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