Firmware Release 11.1: Hello One Drive and Welcome Indonesia!

After the big release 11, which made the HMT-1 and the HMT-1Z1 particularly suitable for enterprise mobility management, the next software update for the HMT-1 and HMT-1Z1 is now available for download again via FOTA (Firmware Over The Air).

As always, here are the main new features of 11.1:

  • Direct connection to Microsoft “One Drive” in “My Files”
  • Connected USB drives, the micro SD card and the local Android folder are now displayed under “My files”
  • New Web App: actually a new web browser with a special bookmark function (browsers such as Chrome or Dolphin also work on the Head Mounted Tablet)
  • Audio recorder: Sound recordings – whether dictation, machine noise, etc. – are now also possible and stored locally
  • New languages: Indonesian is now available as the 13th language.
    There is also an optimized voice input for the English dialects from: Great Britain, Australia, India
  • Photo Tagging: You can now tag your photos and use them for search. Tags are metadata that categorize and describe an image, such as “System 14”, “Machine Z1” or “Customer ABC”.
  • And all current Android Security Updates are installed by default.

Firmware version 11 is mandatory for the update to 11.1. If your HMT has not yet been updated to Release 11, you can find all the information here:

For those who have already installed 11, simply carry out the update in> My Programs> Wireless Update. Release 11.1 is just under 146 MB and the update takes only about 5 minutes.

Information about the update from RealWear:

As always, we are happy to answer any questions!

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