Digitize successfully service processes with remote maintenance


How TECUMA Systems reduces costs while increasing customer satisfaction

TECUMA Systems GmbH, an Osnabrück-based engineering company specializing in packaging technology, slitter winders, special machine construction and production optimization, relies on the latest technologies. Uwe Meyer, managing director of TECUMA Systems, explains: “Direct online access to the system controls and all the associated parameters and digitally recordable settings have been part of the standard equipment of a machine for many years. However, if the operator has to be supported directly in the handling of the complex machine / system, the use of cameras on the main operating units of the machine / system is frequently used. Or a service technician is sent directly to the customer.”

In addition to the maintenance of the systems, time-consuming and costly service processes follow when complex faults or incorrect settings occur. A project for the international corporation LOXY from Norway, with branches in Sweden, Poland, Germany, China and many other countries, is therefore equipped with a new digital service concept by TECUMA Systems.

Solution from Bitnamic and RealWear’s HMT-1 at Tecuma Systems

The Smart Service solution “Remote Maintenance Assistance”, developed by the software manufacturer Bitnamic GmbH, enables cooperation of the machine operator on site with the remote expert through a multimedia session in real time based on a collaborative platform. Combined with the Head Mounted Tablet HMT-1, RealWear and BARCOTEC industrial smart glasses, support expertise is provided remotely to the machine operator. Thus, the onsite technician is able to continue his work on the machine with both hands free. Fully automated slitter cutters for safety materials in the textile sector are installed, maintained and supported with Remote Maintenance Assistance.

Uwe Meyer also mentions: “The elimination of the sometimes very expensive dispatch of service technicians, the faster and even more direct support of the operator / maintenance staff at the customer, the possibility that the operator can work with both hands on the machine and simultaneous visualization of information on the display will allow this type of additional service to be disseminated very quickly in the future.”

More information about Bitnamic’s innovative Smart Maintenance solution “Remote Maintenance Assistance” can be found here: https://www.bitnamic.net/remote_maintenance_assistance

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