Digital visit of the garage at Lexus in Germany


With ESSERT’s Digital Service Management Platform and the associated App Augmented Support, the garage visit to Lexus becomes digital. The interaction between innovative software from ESSERT and augmented reality technology will enable the customers of the Japanese premium brand Lexus to enjoy maximum convenience and transparency in service appointments. Thanks to video transmission via smart glasses on a PC, laptop or smartphone, customers no longer have to climb under the lift or blindly trust the statements of the technician.

For the digital workshop visit, the service employee carries on-site augmented reality glasses, a so-called “Head Mounted Tablet” of RealWear. This “Head Mounted Tablet” is equipped with a camera, a microphone and speakers and transmits exactly the image to the customer, which the service mechanic is currently facing. First, the technician sends a link to the customer via e-mail via ESSERT’s App Augmented Support, with which the transfer can be started. The customer can talk to the mechanic during this digital service appointment, as in a telephone call, ask questions and also show a pointer to the details of the transferred image. What the customer points to exactly, the service mechanic sees in the display of his data glasses and can then go into detail on any questions.


ESSERT’s digital service solution not only enables a new level of service for customers, but also greatly simplifies the work of mechanics in the workshop. For complex problems, the AR goggles can connect the mechanic from the dealership with experts from the central office, who can then provide support from a distance. Thus, in many cases, the costly arrival of a specialist is unnecessary. In addition, all relevant documents for the corresponding vehicle, or individual vehicle parts, can be displayed in the display of the data glasses. In contrast to PC, tablet and smartphone, the AR glasses have the advantage that the hands of the mechanic remain free to work on the vehicle.

In the future, Lexus intends to expand the service to other car dealerships in Germany and Europe. It should also include companies of the parent company Toyota.

Here is a detailed report with lots of pictures and a video from Lexus:

The “Deutsche Unternehmerbörse” interviewed Achim Koch, head of product quality at Lexus Germany, at the Lexus Forum in Osnabrück in detail about the inspection of the future (in German):

Further press comments on the digital workshop visit to Lexus Germany: (

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