Accessories for the HMT-1 and the HMT-1Z1 in Europe

realwear accessories

Since we are regularly asked about the accessories of the HMT-1, we created an overview of all the articles available in Europe. This overview only represents accessories available in Europe and via Barcotec. We also want to answer the questions as to why this list differs from the available accessories in the USA or in other regions of the world.

The accessories of the HMT-1Z1 will be discussed at the bottom.

Overhead Strap

RealWear Overhead Strap

The Overhead Strap is part of the standard scope of delivery and has velcro fasteners, with which one can adjust the length of the strap.

realwear head strap

The Overhead Strap can over time – especially if you thread them in and out very often – leach. If you change the Boom Arm from right to left or vice versa, you do not have to turn the Overhead Strap with it. The Overhead strap can be used on both sides.

Overhead Straps are available in a pack of six.

Rear Pad

This is part of the standard scope of delivery too. The Rear Pad can be reduced and enlarged to a certain extent using the clamps inside the HMT-1. Thus, one has here an additional customization to the respective size of the head.

realwear rear pad

Rear Pads are available in a pack of six.

Battery Wall Charger and Type C USB-Cable and microUSB Adapter

wall charger with usb cable and adapter

The Battery Wall Charger, the USB-C cable and the small adapter for microUSB are part of the standard scope of delivery. We usually ship the European Wall Charger, if you need another one, please contact us before ordering.

The Battery Wall chargers are sold separately for the USA, China, UK, Australia and the EU.

Tri-Band (Head-)Strap

The Tri-Band Strap provides a third fixation of the HMT-1 on the back and can be “threaded through” between the Rear Pad and HMT-1. Snap the two clips simply with fine force in the slots provided.

realwear tri band

realwear tri band strap

In general, the Tri-Band Strap can be used just like that. The clips at the front, which are intended for anchoring the HMT-1 firmly in a cap screen, can be removed.

realwear triband clips

The Tri-Band Strap can be perfectly combined with various Bump Caps as well as with standard caps.

realwear bump cap tri band strap

The “Ball Cap” offered by RealWear has a different fixation, more information below.

Tri-Band Straps are available separately.

Bump Cap


The Bump Cap generally has a hard shell protection in the upper part of the cap, so that you do not hurt your head on sharp objects and the like. If possible, we at Barcotec buy from our customers and therefore we offer a Bump Cap from Würth. This is not only slightly cheaper, but the transport routes are much shorter for this article.

Bump Caps are available separately.

Hard Hat and Hard Hat Clips

Officially, there are matching clips for these helmets:


The respective Hard Hat Clips from RealWear look like this:


These are snapped onto the side of the HMT-1 and then pushed into the appropriate helmet.

RealWear Hard Hat Clips

It is quite possible that these clips also fit helmets that are not listed above. We will soon introduce more models here.

The Hard Hat offered by RealWear is not certified in Europe. He would be just a pure “Marketing Hard Hat”. The almost identical European equivalent of MSA can be found here:

We know that there are countless number of Hard Hats. If you intend to finish designing clips for your currently unsupported helmets and have them produced with a 3D printer, for example, please get in contact with us.

Procure Hard Hats in the easiest way directly via MSA and at their local dealers. Hard Hat Clips are available in 3-Pair-Packs.

Ball Cap


RealWear’s Ball Cap has its own HMT-1 side snap-in mechanism, similar to the attachment of the Hard Hat Clips. The bracket is mounted inside and outside the ball cap itself. Head Straps are therefore not necessary in this case.

realwear ball cap clip

realwear ball cap inside

The Ball Cap is available in two versions: with and without the RealWear logo on the front and can be ordered separately.


Spare Battery

RealWear Spare Battery

The Spare Battery is an extra 3250mAh lithium ion battery for the HMT-1 and part of the standard scope of delivery.
The HMT-1 has a hot-swappable function, with which one can swap the battery during operation without having to switch off the device.

Spare batteries are available separately.

6 Battery Multi-Charger

6-Battery Multi-Charger

The Multi-Charger simultaneously charges 6 HMT-1 batteries. Multi-chargers display the charge level of each battery. Each Multi-Charger ships with all 5 regional power adapters:

realwear multi charger

The 6-Battery Multi-Charger is available separately.

Semi Rigid Carrying Case

Semi Rigid Carrying Case

The Semi Rigid Carrying Case accommodates a HMT-1 and with some skill also the European Wall Charger. There is also a Soft Carrying Pouch with integrated small pocket for the cable. Both bags can be ordered separately.

Belt Clip


With the help of the belt clip you can simply hang the HMT-1 on the belt. This belt clip does not tip over on the side, allowing the HMT-1 to be easily moved in and out with one hand at any time.

hmt beltclip

The Belt Clips are available separately.

HMT Carrying Case (Peli Case)

At Barcotec we have been designing different foam inserts for various hard-shell cases for many years. We already also produced several models for the HMT-1. This standard Peli Case in the picture below can be ordered directly at Barcotec and separately.


This hard shell carrying case offers space for the HMT-1, for a spare battery, for a mobile router and has additional space for cables and the like. The external dimensions are 460 mm in length, 375 mm in width and 120 mm in height. The weight is 2.5 kg.

We are happy to manufacture the transport case of your choice. Other models can be found here: HMT Carrying Case

In-Ear Headphones with Hearing Protection

The Ear Bud Hearing Protection Headphones offered by RealWear unfortunately have no certification for the EU. Therefore, we have these “Noise ISOlating Ear Buds” from ISOtunes in our portfolio:

ear bud hearing protection headphone

In addition, a cheaper price as well as the ability to change the volume directly on the cable. Also different sizes of the earplugs are included and therefore no longer have to be ordered separately.

The ISOtunes can be ordered separately.

Wind Noise Filter

The wind filters protect against wind noise and thus support active noise cancellation. These are glued to the microphone openings on the boom arm or on the microphones on the side. On the side openings, it is especially necessary when working with folded boom arm.

realwear wind noise filter

Accessories for the intrinsically safe HMT-1Z1:


The “Z1” also has a Overhead Strap as well as the Rear Pad. It can also be combined with a Tri-Band Strap or Hard Hats. Like the HMT-1 it has a 3.5mm audio jack and therefore the hearing protection headphones can be used too. Likewise the wind filter and the belt clip. For the Semi Rigid Carrying Case, the Z1 is unfortunately too wide.

The battery is not removable, so Battery Multi-Charger does not make sense for the HMT-1Z1.
For charging the built-in battery, you need a separate microUSB-charging cable with charging protection which is part of the standard delivery.

hmt1z1 cable with charging protection

This charging cable is not certified for the Ex protection area. If the Z1 is not charged with this charging cable but with another microUSB cable, it loses the certification for the ATEX zone. Please note this.

Delivery Time

We always strive to have a corresponding amount of accessory items available to you quickly. For larger quantities, however, we ask you to contact us in advance and to coordinate number and delivery time with us.

Open Questions

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with your contact at Barcotec or simply use the contact button on the top right.

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