Europe-Premiere: Head Mounted Tablet “HMT-1” from RealWear

Co-Founder und CRO RealWear, Brian Hamilton

RealWear’s Head Mounted Tablet (HMT-1) debuted for the first time from 6th to 7th April 2017 as part of the BVL Logistics Dialogue presented to the public in the German-speaking countries and met with immediate interest. Brian Hamilton, co-founder and CRO (Chief Revenue Officer) of RealWear personally presented the world’s first to the interested public.

Together with BARCOTEC, RealWear developed the HMT-1 primarily for mobile workers, field, maintenance and service specialists, as well as for the handling of complex manufacturing and logistics processes. The device is controlled freehand by voice. Android as a platform not only enables easy data and app management via drag & drop, but also resource-saving and diverse application development options.

The data is displayed via a micro-display integrated in the headset, and the integrated scanner in the camera helps to collect the data. The HMT-1 is completely power-autonomous, and the integrated battery can easily last a full working shift when fully wireless.

Already today companies worldwide in the field of oil / gas, aviation / national defense / security, retail / logistics / transport, power supply / maintenance and health care are testing the first devices. Primary application fields are:

  • View worksheets and plans (“Document Navigator”)
  • Remote support of the employees at the place of action (“Remote Mentor”)
  • IoT Data Visualization (“Industry 4.0 Analytics Data”)
  • Fill forms via voice (“Mobile Forms”)
  • Safely execute work instructions (“Work Instructions”)

Alexander Rainsberger, Managing Director of European distributor BARCOTEC, commented: “The first industrial product that bridges the gap between true mobility and the nature of mankind.”

Barcotec BVL-Messe-Team
BARCOTEC & RealWear BVL-Fair-Team

Report “Industriemagazin” (in German):
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