RealWear Tri-Band Strap_3

The Tri-Band Strap provides a third fixation of the HMT-1 on the back and can be “threaded through” between the Rear Pad and HMT-1. Snap the two clips simply with fine force in the slots provided.

RealWear Tri-Band Strap_5

RealWear Tri-Band Strap_4

In general, the Tri-Band Strap can be used just like that. The clips at the front, which are intended for anchoring the HMT-1 firmly in a cap screen, can be removed.

Tri band strap 6

The Tri-Band Strap can be perfectly combined with various Bump Caps as well as with standard caps.

realwear bump cap tri band strap


The “Ball Cap” offered by RealWear has a different fixation, under Helmets, Clips and Caps you will find more information.

Tri-Band-(Head)Strap for the Navigator 500


The tri-band head strap on the Navigator 500 is attached to the side slots of the Navigator 500.

Here, too, the tri-band head strap lets you combine excellently with various bump caps as well as with standard caps.

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