Other Use Cases

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The number of applications of the HMT-1 are endless. The use cases we listed here are the areas where RealWear’s Head Mounted Tablet is most commonly used at the moment.

In addition, there are of course many options to use the HMT-1 as your truly digital assistant. As your full powered Android 6.0 Tablet worn on your head.

With the Bluetooth interface you are able to connect a variety of other devices with the HMT-1. The wearable offers even a master and a slave mode for Bluetooth. Be it a barcode scanner, a wristband for gesture control or simply the smartphone to make phone calls. So if you do not have a hands-free car kit in your car at the moment, you can use the device even for that.

A lot of exciting developments occur right now, for example in the field of tele-medicine.
We will keep you up to date!

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