RealWear photo and video shoot at RHI Magnesita


RealWear, world market leader in the field of industrial smart glasses, carried out a photo shoot at the RHI Magnesita plant in Veitsch, Austria, to authentically illustrate the numerous possible uses of its HMT-1 data glasses. With the help of the dedicated employees, extraordinary pictures were taken in the impressive locations.

RealWear is always looking for exciting locations for image shoots. In the early days of the company, this was a rather spontaneous topic. So in late 2019 the planned and direct path to partners and customers was taken with an international creative team.

At RHI Magnesita, the world market leader for high-quality refractory products and solutions, the HMT-1 is currently primarily used for the commissioning of new machines. It is currently being tested at several locations worldwide, a larger rollout is being planned.



„We are not only the world market leader, but also technology leaders in the refractory industry. It is therefore only logical that we want to make the most of the opportunities offered by digitization and artificial intelligence. We are always looking for new uses for ourselves and our customers. For this we need innovative partners who work with us to shape the future“, says Stefan Borgas, CEO RHI Magnesita.

The company was kindly willing to give the RealWear team access to the Veitsch manufacturing facility in Styria. The oldest magnesite processing factory in the world combines historical surroundings with the latest technology. For example, the plant was recently equipped with a modern dedusting and desulfurization system. The Veitsch location primarily produces refractory materials using the mixing, pressing and tempering process steps. This demanding work environment with heat, dust and high noise levels formed the perfect background for the RealWear photo shoot.


A big thank you to several employees from RHI Magnesita, who acted as models, and the extensive support on site, the RealWear creative team was able to stage the HMT-1 smart glasses perfectly.



Andy Lowery, CEO RealWear: “The photographs that we took at RHI Magnesita will not only give our own employees and customers a deeper connection to our Connected Worker brand, but will surely inspire the next generation workforce”.

RealWear is now using the photo and video material from this shoot in presentations, on the website and in advertising campaigns worldwide.


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