Head Straps and Pads

Overhead Straps

RealWear Overhead Strap

The Overhead Strap is part of the standard scope of delivery and has velcro fasteners, with which one can adjust the length of the strap.

RealWear Overhead Strap_2

The Overhead Strap can over time – especially if you thread them in and out very often – leach. If you change the Boom Arm from right to left or vice versa, you do not have to turn the Overhead Strap with it. The Overhead strap can be used on both sides.

Overhead Straps are available in a pack of six.


RealWear Tri-Band Strap_3

The Tri-Band Strap provides a third fixation of the HMT-1 on the back and can be “threaded through” between the Rear Pad and HMT-1. Snap the two clips simply with fine force in the slots provided.

RealWear Tri-Band Strap_5

RealWear Tri-Band Strap_4

In general, the Tri-Band Strap can be used just like that. The clips at the front, which are intended for anchoring the HMT-1 firmly in a cap screen, can be removed.

Tri band strap 6

The Tri-Band Strap can be perfectly combined with various Bump Caps as well as with standard caps.

Tri-Band Strap_7

The “Ball Cap” offered by RealWear has a different fixation, under Helmets, Clips and Caps you will find more information.



The workband is a kind of headband and can also be used with both the HMT-1 and the HMT-1Z1. It weighs 45 grams and the fabric is removable and washable.


Flexband (3-point silicone band with chinstrap)

Silicone tri band 1

This 3-point head strap is made of silicone and also has a chin strap, also made of silicone. The abrasion-free material is suitable e.g. for clean rooms. This head strap is attached to the HMT like the helmet clips.

Silicone tri band 3

Silicone tri band 2

We recommend the Rear Cover below as an add on.

Rear Pad

RealWear Rear Pad

This is part of the standard scope of delivery too. The Rear Pad can be reduced and enlarged to a certain extent using the clamps inside the HMT-1. Thus, one has here an additional customization to the respective size of the head.

RealWear Rear Pad 2

Rear Pads are available in a pack of six.

Rear Cover


This rear cover is without padding and can be combined well with the silicone head strap for clean rooms.

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