Hard Hats, Clips and Caps

Clips for Safety Helmets

Officially there are matching clips for these helmets:


The blue rimmed models are available. We would be happy to provide you with the 3D data for all other models.
If the matching clip helmet model is not included, please also contact us.

The available hard hat clips look like this:


These are snapped onto the side of the HMT-1 and then pushed into the appropriate helmet.

RealWear Hard Hat

Hard Hats

The MSA helmet offered by RealWear in the USA is a pure “marketing helmet” in Europe. The almost identical and certified European equivalent of MSA can be found here: https://www.msa-arbeitsschutz.com/product/msa-safety-allround-elektrikerhelm-v-gard-weiss.6847976.html

Bump Cap


The Bump Cap generally has a hard shell protection in the upper part of the cap, so that you do not hurt your head on sharp objects and the like. If possible, we at Barcotec buy from our customers and therefore we offer a Bump Cap from Würth. This is not only slightly cheaper, but the transport routes are much shorter for this article.

RealWear Ball Cap


RealWear’s Ball Cap has its own HMT-1 side snap-in mechanism, similar to the attachment of the Hard Hat Clips. The bracket is mounted inside and outside the ball cap itself. Head Straps are therefore not necessary in this case.



The Ball Cap is available in two versions: with and without the RealWear logo on the front.


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