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BARCOTEC has been active in the field of automatic identification since 1989 and helps customers with mobile devices and comprehensive solution concepts to gain market advantages by increasing their efficiency. The Austrian company is one of the market leaders in this area in the DACH area.

RealWear and BARCOTEC have a long-standing partnership. The common goal of bringing a purely voice-controlled and yet industrially compatible wearable on the market, was successfully implemented with the HMT-1. BARCOTEC is very proud to support the development process for several years.

Officially, the cooperation between RealWear and BARCOTEC was launched in 2016.

BARCOTEC is Master Distributor for the "Central Region of Europe".


At the "First Annual RealWear Summit" - the official first presentation of the HMT-1 - in San Francisco in January 2017, BARCOTEC received the Trailblazer Award as "Pioneer of Pioneers".

RealWear Co-Founder Brian Hamilton presents the Trailblazer Award to BARCOTEC CEO Alexander Rainsberger


Your direct contact to BARCOTEC concerning the Head Mounted Tablets is:

© KVA/Josef Bollwein

Robert Duchac, MA

+43 1 786 39 40 65, duchac@barcotec.at

You are welcome to contact him with any questions you may have about the product, possible collaborations, press inquiries and beyond.
We look forward to reading or hearing from you!


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